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Bioform® Plastic Anteriors & Posteriors
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Each Bioform mould is an exact duplicate of a healthy natural tooth with all the subtle anatomical details so important to a lifelike appearance. And the Bioform shade system is recognized worldwide as a standard for natural beauty. Now with the added benefits of the IPN guarantee, there is more reason than ever to rely on Bioform teeth.

Bioform IPN Anteriors are available in 40 upper and 20 lower moulds to provide a full range of size and shape configurations.

Bioform IPN Anteriors and Posteriors are available in 24 shades from the Bioform shade guide - dentistry's most popular shade selector. They naturally enhance any smile.

Product Overview

Product Features

  • Industry Standard for Durability, Set UP, Value -- The Most Popular Trubyte Tooth
  • Strengthened Wear Resistance
  • Material: IPN Hardened Plastic
  • Moulds: 60 Anteriors and 30 Posteriors
  • Posterior Occlusal Forms: 33, 30 Pilkington-Turner, 20 22Biostabil, 10 Anatoline, 0 Monoline
  • Shades: Full Range of 24 Bioform Shades